Competencies of A2data specialists in

Data Management, DWH and analytics

Depending on the needs of your project, we are ready to involve our best specialists in the work

Our DAs build complex computer database systems that are accessible, useful, and secure.

  • Provide data services for enterprise information strategy solutions
  • Adhere to architecture standards
  • Focus on improving data quality, accessibility, and security

Our SAs optimize user experience with programs.They survey and diagnose database program issues, resolve user issues, and give recommendations to improve productivity of the system

  • Maintain and upgrade existing systems as required
  • Design new computer systems and frameworks
  • Troubleshoot technical issues
  • Create system guidelines and manuals for the organization
  • Run training sessions and workshops on system processes

Our DEs design and build systems for collecting, storing, and analyzing data at scale. Their ultimate goal is to make data accessible so that organizations can use it to evaluate and optimize their performance.

  • Build and maintain data infrastructure for optimal extraction, transformation, and loading of data from a wide variety of sources
  • Ensuring data accessibility at all times
  • Improving data systems reliability, speed, and performance.
  • Creating optimal data warehouses, pipelines, and reporting systems to solve business problems.

By systematically exploring data for patterns and relationships, our data analysts seek to find and communicate useful insights using those data.

  • Identify critical metrics and KPIs, and to prioritize business needs
  • Identify, analyze, and interpret trends and patterns in complex data sets
  • Build and customize reports
  • Develop and maintain dashboards
  • Create and maintain documentation regarding data models, measures, and infrastructure as they are developed

Our Data Scientists analyze and interpret large amounts of data from a range of sources, using algorithmic, data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning and statistical tools

  • Create algorithms and data models to forecast outcomes
  • Use machine learning techniques to improve the quality of data or product offerings
  • Determining the correct data sets and variables
  • Cleaning and validating the data to ensure accuracy, completeness, and uniformity

Our DevOps Engineers optimize an organization's software, including software maintenance and server administration. Our experts can also help you with release engineering, infrastructure provisioning and management, security, and DevOps advocacy.

  • Develop, install, test, configure, and maintain IT solutions.
  • Develop plans and processes for improvement and expansion of the current technologies being used.
  • Deploy updates automatically into the production environment using configuration management software

Our Dev Team Lead monitor productivity, outputs, and control the pace of software delivery during the whole development phase

  • Guides software development teams through coaching sessions or mentorship
  • Evaluates a variety of software products, provides peer review and solutions to related code
  • Manages team to maintain a high quality for software products

Our FSDs are savvy professionals who are capable of transitioning seamlessly from one development environment to the next by straddling two separate web development domains: the front end and the back end

  • Help with the design and development of software
  • Perform testing and debugging software to keep it optimized
  • Write clean code for the front and back end of the software
  • Create servers and databases for the back end of the software
  • Ensure cross-platform compatibility and optimization

Our FED’s architect and develop websites and applications using various web tools and technologies

  • Optimize user’s experience
  • Develop and maintain user interface
  • Implement design on mobile websites
  • Create tools that improve site interaction regardless of the browser