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Analytical Report System for Commercial Bank


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Predictive Maintenance for Industrial Holding
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Our customized solutions

A2DATA is a developer of Big Data solutions, implements analytical systems, data warehouses, creates Data Driven ecosystems.

A2 AI Intelligent System

To stay competitive, companies need to understand the location and contents of their data, catalog it, cleanse and consolidate data from disparate sources, and make it available across the organization.Our intelligent system will optimize business processes and perform digital transformation. 


A2 AI system will help your business make data-driven decisions using data analytics technologies, visualization and reporting tools

Intelligent Enterprise Management System

Our system is designed to automate business processes, reduce time in planning and optimize operational costs. By implementing our Enterprise Management System, our clients’ upper and middle management will be able to monitor company’s productivity, and be proactive.

Information System SmartVisualization (SmartVis)

SmartVis is a system designed for data visualization using tools and methods for interpreting multidimensional datasets.


By visualizing your data, you can accelerate information presentation, share new insights, and encourage data-driven decision-making quickly and confidently.

Industry 4.0 Integration System

Predictive and preventative maintenance system for Industrial Sector. Our system uses data analysis tools and techniques to detect anomalies in operations and possible defects in equipment and processes. 

The System uses different data sources (including sensor data) and detects various deterioration signs, anomalies, and equipment performance issues.

Analytical platform A2

Analytical platform A2 platform for collecting and storing structured and unstructured data in a single space, providing information using data mining tools

Industry Application
  • Public Administration Assistant
  • Predictive morbidity model
  • Predictive Maintenance and repair (MRO) in production
  • Recommendation system for employment
  • Top management
  • Technological process managers
  • IT professionals
  • Business users and experts
  • Integration, extraction of data in any format and storage of information using Big Data technologies
  • Analytical processing of information using Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Automation of the full cycle of data processing, training and calibration of artificial intelligence on your data
We provide training in the field of Big Data and Data Science


We offer a 3-level approach:




Big Data courses are available for Upper and Middle Management

Most popular courses our clients choose:

"Architecture and analytics of Big Data"

“Predictive Analytics in Data Science ”

"Hands-on training in Data Science Modeling"

"Data processing using Big Data tools"

"Analytics using BI"

If you don’t find a course of your interest, contact us for further info